Since 1993

In 1990, the Europro company was created by Mr. Avidar. The first offices were located on Avenue Louise, one of the most beautiful avenues of Brussels, and accommodated eight people. The sales turnover was already 13.500.000 euros.

The company extends and opens European external offices: for Spain: Europro Madrid and Europro Barcelona in 1993 for France: Europro Paris in 1999 for Germany: Europro Stuttgart in 2003.

Since April 1999, Europro is located on Chaussée de Waterloo, on a new futuristic plate of 1200 square meters and opposite the single framework of greenery of the wood of Cambre.

The plate gathers all the centres of co-ordination as well as the show-room. With the arrival of the third millennium, Europro extends towards the world with the opening of an office of New-Delhi in India and soon of our office in China. Today Europro counts a score of collaborators and the sales turnover of 2001 exceeded 25.000.000 euros.